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I don’t know about you, but the first thing I look at when I see a cake… is the cake board. Its like a cake body langue thing… I can read and get so much information about the cake and it’s creator by the cake board the cake is wearing. Seems...

Cookies #8: Christmas cookies

Classic Christmas cookies, whatch how I made them: Thanks for watching.

Cookies #7: Christmas wreath cookie platter

Learn how to make an easy christmas wreath cookie platter here: Thanks for watching guys!

Cookies #5: Lumberjack baby shower cookies

See video here: Making Lumberjack Baby shower cookies as never been so easy! You only need a couple of sugar art stencils, and Voilà! All stencils used in this video are available at sugar art...

How to make easy gold sequins cake.

Spatter paint on cakes

I just finished watching a tutorial on airbrushing and learned of a new way to make spatter paint on cakes. Most of us use a toothbrush or a brush of some kind dipped in paint to splatter a cake – while this works very well, it can get messy… ...

Superted flies over Saturn

This was a special birthday cake for little Ted who is a real Super Hero. Ted’s Mommy, was happy to leave the design with me as long as his 1st birthday cake incorporated ‘Superted’. He was very poorly when he was born and despite all odds the...

Record-winning edible wedding gown

Over the last three months, three of us (three crazy cake decorators and CakesDecor members) Pavlina Louckova of Klobouckovic dortiky, Hana Rawlings of Hana Rawlings Cake Design and Stana Mutlova of PunkRockCakes were extremely busy working on a...

Fondant airbrush painting of a horse...

How to paint on fondant with airbrush. "":

The making of part #2! Airbrush painting on fondant.

The making of part #2! Airbrush painting on fondant. "":""