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My First Blog Entry on Cakes Decor!

I am feeling pretty ignorant right now! I just discovered the blog feature! Well, let’s see if I figure out a fun way to enjoy this! I think I will begin with my newfound love for simple, textured Swiss Meringue Buttercream. It just looks so...

Glam Sticks for cake pops & cookies

Browsing through the web, I ran across “glam sticks.” To be honest, I had never seen or heard of them before – but what a wonderful idea – kudos to whoever thought of it first! You can purchase them on-line, but they are very easy to make – so...

Great Gatsby Royal Icing Filigree Hatbox Video Tutorial

This is part two of the Fashion Inspired Fondant: Great Gatsby Hat… The royal Icing filigree hatbox. You will need five sugar cookie squares 2-1/2 by 2-1/2 for each hat. As I mention in the Great Gatsby hat post the sugar cookies are for a...

Little Piglet Cake topper

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Fondant Billowing Technique

Had three cakes recently that included the Billowing Technique – I hope you like my little how to.

How to ganache a cake the upside the way (my way)

Hi Lovelies!!!! Sharing with y’all this video tutorial I made on how I frost my cakes with ganache the upside down way (my way). You will need 2 same size acrylic circles, 2 cake boards, a turntable, a palette knife, offset spatula, container...

Filigree Butterflies - royal icing

Recently I have posted a couple of cake showing filigree butterflies (in cake album) .. I have often been asked how to make these butterflies and all that is required is patience and practise. they do not take long and always remember to make...

Fabric flower Tutorial

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Little Puppy cake topper tutorial

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Princess Doll Tutorial

As promised here is the tutorial to make a princess cake. You do not need a Barbie Doll topper and you could even use a shop caught one, but keep only the torso area… or even better, model your own, which will be my next one. Each photo has...