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Face tutorial in 12 minutes

Tutorial hand in sugarpaste

How to Prepare & Cover a Cake with Icing / Fondant

Hi and welcome back to my kitchen. For me one of the most important things when it comes to making cakes is making sure you have a well covered cake as a base to add your design. Now I usually refer to it as icing, but icing is exactly the...

Lips Modelling

Realistic sugarpaste eye

Hi everyone. I studied for 3 months this tecnique and I’d like to share this way to get a realistic iris eye in sugarpaste dolls or figures. I pic a piece of White sugarpaste for modeling. I draw a circle with black colour. I begin with a...

Sugar Flowers #12: How to Use Cutters and Veiners you Have for Some New Flowers and Foliage, 5 Tips... Hope someone finds it useful, or even gets the idea that it can be done, as I used to buy everything specifically for absolute ages! The foliage on the thumbnail is in Cold Porcelain

Free Video TUTORIALS #1: Water Balloon

Here’s how I made water balloons for SPLASH! cake. CAKE DESIGN MODELLING – Water Balloon Tutorial – il mondo di ielle

Sugar Flowers #7: Making flowers with COLD PORCELAIN if all you know is GUM PASTE!

I have a new video, it’s a quick rundown on how I use Cold Porcelain for making flowers, being primarily, a sugar artist. I tried to pick up on the main differences between the two pastes. One of these roses on the pic is Cold Porcelain and one...

Sugar Flowers #3: Making Elegant Sugar Orchid

PAINTED CAKES and Sugar Flowers #3: Magnolia Painted Cake, Assembling Magnolia Branch

This one is 3/3, final video on this cake , which shows how to make the accessories and assemble the Magnolia branch to go on the cake. Thanks for Watching