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Edible Armchair

It’s not exactly an everyday thing to make, but you never know, you might need it one day! Here’s the cake I used it on: Thanks for looking :) x


A quick step-by-step pictorial showing how I built up the layers to make my cut-out Thor. The detaiing was added with a plastic blade and a colour shaper. You can view the finished cake here: ...

Sugarpaste Clouds

There are lots of sugarpaste cloud tutorials available, but I thought you might like to see how I do them. They are very easy, but a bit time consuming… especially when you design a cake covered in them! I make them directly onto the cake and in...

How to make pig cake topper fondant tutorial torta pasta di zucchero

Edible Crayons

So many of you asked which mould I used to make my sugarpaste crayons that I thought I’d pull a quick tutorial together for you. I didn’t use a mould – there’s really no need to. They are super quick and easy to hand roll. Use a cake smooth to...

Cut-Out Cricketer

Another quick little tutorial for you, this time for sugarpaste cut-outs the CakeyCake way. As always, I welcome your feedback. 1. Print off an image (line drawings or sketches work particularly well) and lay it over some thinly rolled...

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How to make Marshall Paw Patrol tutorial cake topper fondant sugar paste

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