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Easy Poppy tutorial

I needed to make poppies last night and came up with this easy way of replicating the poppy badges you wear, but into fondant for cakes. No fancy tools needed. They look great if you make two flowers and layer them too.

Poppy Flower Pictorial

This is my FIRST attempt at making this flower; I need some more learning but generally happy with how it turned out. 1) A small piece of fondant rolled into a ball and then tapered slightly on one side. 2) I rolled out a small piece of...

Poppy Tutorial #1: How to Make a Gum Paste Poppy (using heart shaped cutters)

Poppy flower tutorial

Hello every one , Here is a tutorial for my Poppy Flower. I am so honoured to be included on list. Thank you Michal. I think pictures are easy to follow but...