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How to make a Bert fondant cake topper

Heres my tutorial on how to make a Bert fondant cake topper, hope you enjoy and subscribe :) If you have any suggestions let me know! “”;

Elmo Figurine

I have a FREE Elmo figurine tutorial in the notes section on my page. Click on the link below. Enjoy :) xx Cakes by Raewyn Elmo Figurine Tutorial

3D Elmo Cake!!

Here is my video pictorial of how I made my Elmo Cake. Thanks for watching! :)

Elmo Tutorial

In March I made my youngest daughter Jasmine, a very special little guy to sit on both her ‘at home’ family cake and then her special ‘party’ cake later in the week. Elmo rules her world, or should I say MoMo! At the Christmas parade in our...