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Baby Bugs Bunny (Baby Looney Tunes)

Hi,to all !! Here is my latest tutorial to make a Baby Bugs Bunny .. Hope you enjoy it and that you find it useful! xxx Mary <3.

Tutorial Blythe doll Converse

Batman baby figure tutorial

Clicked some snaps while I was making Batman baby. Hope this helps some one. Ben 10 baby can be also made the same way.Enjoy !!!

baby showers, baby rump cake

this is the start of my baby rump which is to go on top of my 10" round cake. it made from rice bubble bars and the toes are made from flesh coloured chocolate moulding paste.

Fondant Baby Cowboy Boots Tutorial

I don’t know about you but I learn much better through photos! Many thanks to all the amazing people who have always helped me. Hope you find this step by step photo tutorial easy and...

How to Make Fondant Baby Shoes

Is there a little bun in your or someones oven…and love to see little booties on babies feet. Well this tutorial will be great for topping your cake off with baby booties. This tutorial has great step by step pictures to help guide you along. ...