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Valentine's owl Videotutorial

Hi all!!! I wanted to share the last video tutorial I made for Valentine’s. You can see it on my Youtube Channel I hope you like it :D Happy Valentine’s Day!! Karla

Love heart pattern cake board video tutorial

Hidden heart cupcakes

This tutorial shows you how to create the hidden heart images inside cupcakes. I have used a basic red velvet and a basic vanilla sponge recipe for this cake, and used vanilla buttercream. Victoria Sponge Hidden Heart Cupcakes

Valentine's day - Cupid-

Our tutorial for Valentine’s Day ...

The Pink Cake Box Tutorials #1: Heart Baked Cucpakes

This is how we made our very popular Valentine’s Heart Baked Cupcakes ~ First off bake a thin red sponge – this needs to be about 2cm thick but be careful not to overbake it as you will be baking it again in the centre of the cupcake Then...

Patterns inside a cake

I have seen other tutorials on this “Patterns inside a cake” technique but I didn’t know the importance of making the inside image tight if you want each piece to reflect a perfect image. My husband thought up this idea and it works great! ...