Smoothing fondant without a smoother..

Hi All I have been so busy (and tired) that I haven’t had time to post cakes or anything. We had to make the airplane cake last week and off course like it goes left it to do last…luckily I read somewhere on Pinterest a while back that you can smooth fondant with paper towels and or a ball of fondant too.. That tip came in very handy late night when I had to smooth the plain and obviously couldn’t use a typical smoother.. i must say I was actually amazed at how good it worked! I am glad to say that I received so many compliments and thanks from the customer that all the effort was well worth it… The fondant made a little fold at the bottom but that sometimes happens these days .i think it is the heat that contributes too! View the cake in my cake gallery it is called Josh Air…

Beasweet, Pretoria, South Africa.


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Cakemummy ...

Thankyou, im going to try this on my next fondant cake! :-)