Fall or Autumn designs #1: Maple leaves and vines in 100% buttercream

Bake and frost 1/4 sheet cake in buttercream frosting. Using buttercream icing tinted w/ paste or gel colors in red, orange, brown, teal and olive green.
Use #3 tip to make olive green vines around top inner edge of cake. Then use #352 leaf tip to make maple leaves. I make center point first, then center leaf points on either side, then bottom leaf tips to resemble shape of maple leaf.
I then take #3 or #2 straight tip and make center stripe up center of each leaf tip, then w/ another color, make stripe up either side of center stripe.
I take a small flat artists brush like you use for brushed embroidery and dip in very warm water.. shake off excess and pull from center of leaf to outer sides of leaf points to make color blend and texture like veins somewhat. Continue to wipe brush w/ paper towel when it starts to cake w/ icing and re-dip in warm water.. continuing the process until you have gone over all leaves.
You can also take #2 tip to go back over center leaf veins. You can blend again if needed w/ damp artist brush.
I did a white ruffle #352 leaf tip around top boarder, and a brown #352 bottom boarder.
Fill in w/ #352 variety of same color single leaves, and 3-tip brown around cake.
Pipe some more vines around front and sides of cake. I just fill in until I am satisfied…. :) HAPPY Buttercream piping!!!

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Nancy (Nancy's Fancy's Cakes & Catering)

  • Part 1: Maple leaves and vines in 100% buttercream

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Elli Warren ...

Very pretty! :-)