Gumpaste Baby Booties / Instant Baby Booties

One of the issues I have with orders is that most of my orders come in last minute leaving me not enough time to dry my figures.
I made one such baby booties due to lack of time and then noticed that customers choose these over my other fancy template booties that took longer to make.

In this video I share how I make the baby booties . The baby shoes video can be found on my Facebook page under videos . Currently it’s for Facebook only as it’s a treat for my 12K milestone.

I hope you like it..

Here is an image of the baby Shoes I make the same way. (sorry about the naked cake boards.

And here is an image of the Baby Booties I made as shown in this video , or


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Goreti ...

love this! thanks for sharing

Anita ...

That is so much easier than the ones I make. Thanks for sharing.

Milene Campos ...

Thanks Veena!…they are so cute :)