Garlic and Chocolate???

I love chocolate and I love garlic, I’m sure I eat enough garlic for it to count as one of my 5 a day. Garlic would definitely be one of my desert island items. Speaking of desert/desserts (dyslexic joke), I thought would garlic and chocolate work together, you can buy chilli and chocolate and sea salt and chocolate so why not garlic?

I googled chocolate and garlic recipes, and I am definitely not the first person to think of it. Lots of recipes and opinions. None of these recipes had many reviews/comments from people who have testing them out. So as usual I decided to make up my own, I generally only used recipes as inspiration and always play around and change things. Most of the recipes I found used raw garlic and I thought this would be a bit too harsh, so opted to trying it with roasted garlic (one of the best ways to eat garlic I think). So I made up a few small batches of chocolate ganache testing the strength of the garlic flavour. I instantly love it but knew it wouldn’t be to everyones taste. Its a love love it or hate it chocolate! I rolled half of the ganache balls in cocoa and dipped the others in dark chocolate.

Garlic Chocolate Truffles

While I had the chocolate out I decide to make a some chocolate decorations as its been awhile. I baked some chocolate and courgette mini cakes, I did follow the recipe this one, but I wasn’t sure on the texture as they were a bit too firm for me I think. Next I will make these with my normal chocolate cake recipe. Really enjoyed making these and playing with chocolate again, I love it when it turns out better than you expected.

Mini Chocolate Cakes with Garlic Ganache and Garlic Chocolate Truffles

I’ve now promised to make a video tutorial to my facebook fans showing how to decorate these chocolate cakes so keep your eyes peeled and Like me on Facebook and Subscribe to my Youtube channel to see my free tutorial first.

If you have any comments on the garlic and chocolate combination please comment.

Thank for reading Anna x x

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candy1 ...

LOL I am so pleased to see I am not the only one that goes over the top when it comes to garlic, I just L O V E it!
As for trying it with chocolate, well now, you have given me an idea or though my husband would want to have me sectioned if he knew what I was thinking!

Do let us know here when you have your first tutorial as I and I am sure a few others are not on Facebook yet!

Those chocolates and truffles look divine, thanks for sharing!

Prepared with Love ...

Thank you fellow garlic lover, I’ll post the tutorial on here once I’ve recorded it :-) maybe don’t tell your husband what favour the chocolates are just let him try them