Return from holiday

As a relitevley new business, this was my first family holiday that created a break from the world of cake… However I found it difficult to switch of, always looking for a wifi spot (not the easiest to find in Spain) to check my emails so that I didn’t leave anyone waiting to long, and worrying about the work that I had to do when we returned, it left me wondering if anyone else feels like this?

Other than that we had a great family holiday in the pool and on the beach with my two little monsters advancing the swimming more than I can imagine.

So we have returned and whilst family life has slipped back into normality that feeling of not being able to switch of has gone and now I can’t get motivated, however with two weddings in the offing I had better get motivated, on the flip side when I do get going I know I will be totally absorbed as they are both projects that I am immensely looking forward to, one involves creating wired flowers which in terms of cake is my favourite thing to do.

Well I had better leave it there for today as I can here the voice of my son demanding his lunch …………..

Sam, Oxfordshire,


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