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I know I said I am going o blog…so much to do in so little time! I have been so busy what with classes and cakes, hardly had time to upload pictures… Anyway, on the 27th July I had a class/workshop where I teach how to make a few flowers like roses , daisies and arum lilies. One of the ladies was a 72 year old, she was so eager and interested in learning I just could not believe it… Afterwards she threw her arms up in the air and said: " Yes, yes, oh B I am so excited! You opened up a whole new world to me!!! That evening she sent an sms again: Thank u for a delightful and informative day.I thoroughly enjoyed myself and U have opened up a whole new world for me! Please book me for …..
Now that is what makes my work worth while! After all the long hours on one’s feet and an elderly woman comes along and leaves with so much enthusiasm!

What I find in almost every class/workshop is that they struggle with the “balling” or softening of the edges, around a petal for instance. Once they have the knack of the movement and the petal curls ,they are fine. It is good to remember that the ball tool ( I work better with a bone tool) must be half on the petal and half on the petal pad. One must practice the pressure too, not too soft mot too hard and wallah! There’s the curl or frill or movement (depending on what you are making) ……

Here is a picture of her!!

Till next time, keep well!

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Beasweet, Pretoria, South Africa.


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Michal Bulla ...

I know that feeling when someone gives you such a positive feedback – It’s like a fresh air.

Btw. you can post the picture in the blog ;)

beasweet ...

Here is a picture of the 72 year old

beasweet ...

Another very busy week(no complaints) and then the stacking class today. The last class in the course that I am teaching. Most of the girls that do the whole range of classes/workshops stay in touch and become friends. Today’s four girls did particularly well! I asked them to bring flowers or whatever they want to use to finish their 3 tier cake. (They have all done the flowers class) I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the work they brought.. Topics covered in this class are: covering a “dummy” , dusting , stacking techniques and finishing.. I am posting a picture of the finished cakes – they are all very proud of their work and so am I!