Buttercream floral designs #1: Pastel 100% BC floral design w/ filling

2-layer 8-in. round butternut cake w/ buttercream icing, and all buttercream flowers. Pastel roses in 2-tone pink, lavender, yellow, and sage green leaves and ivy~ Grass bottom boarder and pink rosebuds around sides of cake~ FILLING: in between layers is a fresh mixed berry filling, I always make from fresh or frozen berries, depending on season~ I cook down berries, then strain seeds out~ return to pan, and add some lime juice (a tbsp. or more if needed for nice crisp acidity. I add sugar 1/2 cup at a time until sweet enough, but don’t go over board, as it will be w/ buttercream icing. Then bring to low boil and add cornstarch to about 1/4 – 1/2 cup water, and 2-4 tbsp. corn starch blended completely. Add while stirring constantly at a low boil for about a minute to let CS cook.. and not taste starchy. You want it thick enough, so when it cools, it will be thick enough for filling.
I frost in between layers w/ BC, and then put a dike of BC icing around edge~ put 1/4 in. approx. in middle spread out to edges of dike, and then put next layer and finish cake as usual. I also put in cooler after frosting cake for 30 min at least or over nite until I décor.

  1. roses in 2-tone pink and lavender, #143 mum tip in 2-tone yellow, #4 writing tip and vine in green, #352 leaf tip, center of mum is grass tip #233 in green, and #3 around center in lavender.

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