Make Your Own Butter (MYOB)

Homemade Butter

heavy cream

Appliance :
stand mixer , whisk and paddle attachment
Or handheld mixer can be used.

1) beat the cream until it becomes a whipped cream using the whisk attachment.
2) once you reach the whip cream stage, change attachment to paddle and continue beating until the cream breaks down and curds form and whey (liquid) separate. Discard liquid (it is the buttermilk) and continue beating until most of the liquid have separated from the butter,discard liquid. You have now have butter .

Add small amount of salt to the butter to add flavor if using as spread, or leave it unsalted when using for baking.


  • I used 3 packs of 8oz heavy cream (24oz) and it yielded 10.75 oz of butter.
  • The discarded liquid is buttermilk can be used in making buttermilk pancakes.
  • and yes, when you have fresh cream it changes color from cream to the creamiest yellow color.

Have fun making butter!

TheLittleCakePatch by JoWieneke


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Rosi ...

Omg!!!! Seriously? Will this be quality butter?

Joanne Wieneke ...

My son went to Ireland recently and he has tasted freshmade butter from one of the farms he visited, and he said this one was comparable, taste and creaminess and texture wise. I have been making this kind of butter for more than 8 times before deciding to post this tutorial. Just have to get good quality heavy cream and it will work its own magic…

Rosi ...

Wow, thanks for the tutorial!

candy1 ...

Yes, Cakesbyrosi, it is quality butter, we too make our own sometimes!

Milene Campos ...

wowwwwwwwwwwww….I think I give it a try! :)