How to use chalks~

This is what I use.. Not sure what others use, but this is just me.
Water bottle spray-keep my hands clean for next colour
Pallet Knife- to scrape the chalk
Little containers with lids- to keep my unused chalk in. I never waste my chalks always keep what I don’t use…
Paper towels- cover your work space makes clean up MUCH easier. You WILL make a mess HAHAHA. Also for wiping hands dry when spray with water to clean of chalk for next colour.
Soft brushes- for dusting.
Chalks- NON-TOXIC is a MUST

Please make sure your chalks say NON-TOXIC most important before you start!! Most display it on the front or the back of the product..
I got mine from a dollar store UNDER$15.
Use pallet knife to get your chalk out.

Use the side of your pallet knife to scrape down the sides of the colours you would like to use into your containers. (note do on your paper towel it will make a mess if miss the container LOL)

I place all the colours I need into here and mix with my brush..

To test the colour I brush it onto some hard gumpaste I have on my work space or I use my paper towel.
Then you just apply like your using your normal petal dusts or lusters. YES it is THAT EASY!!! I LOVE using mine!! I got this many colours from so much cheaper!! I can mix SO MANY colours or add lusters to make them shimmery..

To add your next colour you like, I do not have a sink near by LOL. When I am in a zone I do not wish to walk to my kitchen hahah so I have my handy dandy water spray bottle on sight. I spray may hand and wipe with paper towel and BAM clean hands.. NEXT colour please.. This just makes sure I do not place a BRIGHT pink onto where I wish to dust a light blue or yellow…
And off I go with my pink…
Dose the same job… I am so happy I got mine SO GO GET YOURS!!! Thank you for your support every one.

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Make Pretty Cakes ...

I meant to say thank you for sharing this! Nina xoxo

Naomi's Shaken & Baken ...

Very welcome Nina xx Thank you ever so much for sharing it among your page!!