Constructing sweet angel wings - How I make them stick

Hi everyone! I realized I never posted the how-to for how I made all the gumpaste feathers stick without falling!
The technique highlights how I “paste” heavier objects on my cakes using fondant instead of royal icing. I hope this gives you good ideas for your cake projects. Enjoy and please share!

1. I squeezed and bent a cheap trio set of circle cutters to make my own feather shapes.
2. Constructed and dried a gumpaste base with skewers that will be inserted into the angels back.
3. Rolled a long sausage length of the wings, dipped into cup of water, and placed. This makes it really sticky and gummy, which is what you need to hold the weight of the feathers.
4. Quickly flatten and spread the wet gumpaste with any small flat tool you might have.
5. Stick the feathers onto the paste. Continue same process for the next layer of feathers.
6. I put the wet roll on top of the feathers as shown, so it provides double the sticking power!

Allow to dry and the feathers will set hard on the cake. Even through the hottest Auckland summer, the feathers sagged in the humid heat, but never dropped off!

Nina xoxo

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miettes ...

Nina, thanks!

CakesbySasi ...

lovely thank you for sharing Nina

Susana ...

Great tutorial,thank you!

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

Lovely!! Thank you for sharing Nina!!! xxx

Cakemummy ...

Nina, thanks for sharing, great tutorial easy to follow! :-)

Bev Jones ...

That is so useful – thanks Nina

The Cake Tin ...

Awesome Nina, personally I don’t think royal icing does the same job as wet fondant.
Thanks for sharing :)

Gulnaz Mitchell ...

Great tutorial! Thank you for sharing!