Cakes by Nadia Couture Cake Boutique #1: This is not a disaster :)

I was going to say “it has been a long time coming” but I don’t know if those are the right words or the right expression. Its not like it has been my life’s goal to have my own cake studio……. I suppose for the last couple of years there has been that niggling thought, lurking in the back of my mind, that something like that would one day be a possibility ???

And then BAM … I sign my name on the dotted line and all of a sudden I am faced with the prospect of having to pay rent, electricity bills and making sure that I make enough cakes to do just that. If 2012 was the craziest, busiest time of my life, sending me close to the brink and watching me claw myself back again, then what in God’s name was I thinking, signing a 12 month lease and moving into my own studio???? Creating more work and greater stress for myself OR separating work from home and making a little haven for me and my Cakes :))

I LOVE my little studio, the cakes that come out of it and all the people that helped me create it …….. Have a look.

The keys, the hardworkers, contemplating and the S/S Bench that was too big to fit through the door. Yes thats right, the door frame had to be removed to fit that sucker in !!!!

So this is me and this is my space …………… Oh If only I had some time to make some more cakes for display. At this rate people will be walking into see some candles and glass jars full of jelly beans. Oh and me, covered in cornflour and icing sugar, wearing an apron and a huge smile on my face :)

Wish me Luck

X Nadia

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pamvmc ...

Lovely photos, how exciting for you, I’m sure that it is going to be gorgeous, you love what you are doing and that is half the battle. Good luck and I wish you every sucess in your new little studio! xx

Susana ... you and all the best on your new studio!

Nadia French ...

Thankyou :))

Mimi209 ...

Wishing you the best with your new cake studio!

miettes ...

Congrats! Lovely pictures and I am a big fan of your work!

Nadia French ...

Thank you :) I DO love my little place !!