How to torte/cut a cake level

I made a quick video on how I cut my cakes. I’m pretty sure I learned this from another baker but I can’t pinpoint exactly where, but I’ve been using this technique on all my cakes for the last couple of years and its better than using toothpicks, the wilton or other not too good cake levelers, or eyeballing it. I’ve never used an agaby so I can’t compare it to that. This method is certainly easy and quick so I hope you like it and try it out for your self. Thanks for looking!

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Xclusive ...

Nice tutorial, many thanks for sharing!

Jelena ...

Thanks for sharing, that’s a good way to level a cake :-)

iphydol ...

Did u scrap it whn its cold or hot

Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop ...

Hi, Iphydol, I bake the cake the night before I’m going to prepare it. I wrap it while its hot out of the oven and freeze it over night. The next morning I transfer it to the fridge to defrost, still wrapped. After a few hours I take it out, unwrap it and start leveling it while it’s cold/semi frozen. This gives me a cleaner cut and fewer crumbs. Thanks for your question and hope this helps.

Gulnaz Mitchell ...

Thanks for sharing, nice tutorial. I will try it next time. I like the idea of keeping cake moist.

Mollie ...

Thanks!! I will try this.