Fondant Feathers #1: Making a feather with fondant!

I love to keep everything I do, very simple….but simple doesnt always mean EASY! Lol
For this tutorial, you may want to use Gumpaste… I used Wilton Fondant (For the record, I ALWAYS use the Liz Marek Recipe, but for these, I wanted them to get hard, so I didnt.)

Start off with a strip of fondant, and cut both sides at an angle, depending on how big you want your feather! You may also want to try using your pizza cutter or small rolling cutter to give the feather dramatic curves…..I didnt care Lol.

Take your knife/cutter and press it in the middle, from sharp tip to sharp tip. Take your knife, sharp side UP, and start to slowly push into the outside of your feather. Then, start to vein it like a leaf. Basically, stab at it quickly, but dont cut your fingers off! Lol

Take about 2 or 3 (or however many you want) triangular cuts away from the outsides of the feather. Let it dry in the position you want (I let a couple dry flat, and a couple dry in bowls and made a wavy surface with paper towels, to give some of them an even more dramatic look.)

Paint or airbrush the feather to your liking, I personally like Wiltons spray cans, but some people dont (who cares, use whatever you want lol).

NOW YOU HAVE A FONDANT FEATHER! ….SOAR! (Its 4am, im tired and I make corny jokes when Im tired, leave me alone Lol).

Tim ‘Timbo’ Sullivan

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  • Part 1: Making a feather with fondant!

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