CakesDecor Quarterly Awards - Spring 2013 #4: Aprons are on the way!

Hey all. I know that awards ended few weeks ago, but I wanted to show you the Aprons that Calli did for the latest awards winners

Aren’t they beautiful ?

Thank you Calli ;)

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Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

They are very cute… maybe I’ll win one day!

Cecile Crabot ...

Yessss !! Wonderful aprono Cali and Michal !! :-))

Cecile Crabot ...

Aprons !

Calli Creations ...

Yes Cecile!!! one on its way to you!!!! <3 thanks Michal for posting them :)

Ciccio ...

Calli you rock these are Beautiful

Lisa Templeton ...

So so awesome!!! Got my Cakes decor apron this week. Its so wonderful! Thanks so much cakes decor!