Tutorial: The way I made my Waratah (Telopea speciosissima)

A quick picture tutorial on how I made my Waratah for my Hubby’s 40th birthday cake . Hope it will be of help to some people. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask :-)

The materials used……………….

Gumpaste + Red colour paste
Rolling pin, and Board
Ball and Dresden Tool
Water and paint brush
Crisco or Copha to roll out paste
Flower wire (I used #26 inner tips and #30 for the outside petals )
Burgundy petal dust for the inner central tips and apple green petal dust for the outer petal tips
Lily cutter or you can print out the shape and cut it out on cardboard and use it as a template.
Corn starch to roll out the little circles using the ball tool
Thick and Thin sponge
Pliers to cut the wire
Polystyrene Balls ( next time I do this flower I would cover the ball with red gumpaste before doing the rest or alternatively just use a red ball of gumpaste ( but would be heavier))

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Goreti ...

Looks like I will be making flowers this week! Love this. Thank you so much for sharing!

CakesbySasi ...

Lol. Thank you and You are most welcome Goreti. I am sure yours would turn out really great

miettes ...

Wonderful, thanks!

sugardiver62 ...

Utterly beautifull!

Sofia Costa (Cakes & Cookies by Sofia Costa) ...

wow, love this flower! thank you so much for the tutorial!

CakesbySasi ...

Thank you and you are most welcome Dina, Sugardiver62, and Sofia

Elli Warren ...

Gorgeous flower! great tutorial! Thanks for showing everyone! :-)

CakesbySasi ...

Thank you so much Elli for your kind words and you are welcome and hope it will be useful

Ciccio ...

Sasi you’re a genius thank you so much for sharing

Emily Herrington ...

The talent on this site truly amazes me. I can only hope to ever be half as good as all of you!

CakesbySasi ...

Awww…. Jo and Cakesbymimi, you are welcome and making me feel very special with all the lovely comments Thank you so much.

Verusca Walker ...

Love it !!!!! Thank you xoxo

CakesbySasi ...

You are welcome and Thank you Verusca

Raewyn Read Cake Design ...

Oh wow!!! BIG LOVE!!! :) xx

CakesbySasi ...

Aww… :-) Thank you so much Raewyn