Disaster strikes #5: The Final Chapter - The Meltdown .......

So this is the end of the disasters ( I hope) Fingers crossed or new brain wiring crossed? Either way I hope this is the last we see of the neverending story :))

Ahhhh Kiama. Sleepy little hollow, here I come.

With the pick and delivery of the forgotten concert tickets organised and the 2 wedding cakes done and dusted, I found myself finally relaxing a little ….. Yes, just a little :) My family don’t really understand how any of us Mum’s can relax when we are all together as there are 21 kids aged from 4 to 13 years old, when we are a complete group. We have done it since the first borns were first born and have a few rules when it comes to the care of that many kids. Any child is fair game for any parents discipline AND one in all in or it doesn’t happen. One set of rules for all kids (in appropriate age groups) from all families, when we are together!!!! Needless to say, over the years there have been a few moments of panic when the head count doesn’t match the paper work but all in all our stats are good. We have put in a lot of effort to make it work over the years and it’s starting to pay off in the form of slight relaxation …… Beach swims, swimming pool, cheese and bikkies, champagne and coffee runs.

Two days of this, a Reece Mastin concert, an awesome day at Jamberoo with 16 of our kids and then it happened …………… the MELTDOWN!!!!!

At about 6pm on the third night, before dinner and before dark, my phone beeped at me. NEVER not on my person, I am always at hand to answer a message, email or phone call. This was the call of the email and the contents caused a Meltdown. Ironically it was a meltdown that caused the meltdown. I had already spent several hours on the phone to my beautiful mother the evening before as I could feel the weight of 2012 slipping into 2013 where it didn’t belong and this email became the straw that broke the camels back.

Written by the ever-cheerful Bride, Bexy, it said and I quote

“just wanted to let you know that the cake did not survive – it collapsed a few hours before we were due to cut it and even though the Chef did a great job of making it look presentable I was quite shocked and dissapointed when I saw it :( "

The email did go on to say how everybody enjoyed the cake, that is tasted delicious and that nothing could have ruined their beatiful day!!!! But in my state, I didn’t see those sentences as the email had me at “collapsed” and I was out the door and off into the distance ……..

2 hours and a search party later, my long time friend found me perched on a chair at the top of the cliffs, watching the waves and wondering how CAKE could have done this to me?? Perhaps I should move into the modelling of clay cakes, carved styrofoam or cardboard …… In the case of Sydneys Record Breaking 46 degree day, those cakes probably would have imploded, spontaneously combusted or caught fire anyway. Bexy and I agreed, although dissapointing at the time, her cake will become wedding legend and of those stories that will make their day even more memorable.

For me it will become the cake that proves chocolate ganache MELTS at room temperature (as does the cake it surrounds) when room temperature is no longer room temperature but Mothers Natures idea of a joke!!!

X Nadia


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Callicious Cakes ...

oh you poor lady!!! my heart goes out to you!!! :( :( xxx

Ciccio ...

awww you poor thing {{{Hugs}}}

Karen Flude ...

Oh bless you x We’ll all be having nightmares now at the thought of it!! Thank goodness it’s us usually cold here. Although damp and cold aren’t a good combo either xx

Tina ...

Oohh Nadia. Oooh no you poor thing. I can see this happening to me to be honest. It just gets so hot here in Australia and i have so many brides that still want outdoor weddings. Was their wedding outside? It’s hard to tell from the picture. I would love to know what happened, did you have to give them a refund. What do you tell your brides now when there cakes are scheduled for summer or extremely hot weather. Im still trying to figure out what to tell mine. At the moment i just tell them that there cake will go down and it’s there resposibility to keep it cool. Do you have a disclosure in your contract that says that the cake is there responsibility and you can not be responsible for the temperature at the reception venue. Sorry im probably asking to many questions haha. Im just really interested being a fellow Australia that will be dealing with this weather this coming summer. x Tina