New beginnings #26: Ooh fab new supplier for covapaste £13.50 5kg

Hi all I wanted to share a fab new supplier I have found that so far beats prices ive seen anywhere else.
The company is called Tom Anderson they have been going for 41 years.
They don’t have a web site you need to MSG and request a stock list which will be sent straight away
From cake boards to sugarflair covapaste now at a fab price of £13.50 per 5 kg box with next day delivery.
The personal touch comes from the customer service.
You email your order and get a phone called to confirm and pay I think it’s that that I love the personal touch and speaking to a real person aka Chris Anderson who now runs the company.
I cannot rate them enough they are now my main supplier :0)

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Let the cakey adventure begin :-)

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Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

Thank you so much for sharing. Do you know if they mail to the US?