Fabric Fondant Billow Weave Cake

I posted a few days ago Sydney will be turning 21, and I am creating a few different cakes for her to choose from for her party. This is the first cake for her to view. This cake is a billow weave, Susan Trianos has a wonderful video explaining how she creates a wonderful tufted billow weave cake. The first time I saw the billow weave I thought of Sydney, between her love of fashion and fondant cakes, I knew she would adore the fabric fondant cake.
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SweetLin ...

Thank you for sharing :)

Dell Khalil ...

Thanks for sharing. I’m yet to try this but love the look. Might have to give it a go!

Ciccio ...

So pretty thanks for sharing

Veena Azmanov ...

Thank you for sharing.

Thecakeaddict ...

wow.. loved this one