Hi all

Hi everyone,
I will admit when I first came to this site I was dumbstruck, and quite intimidated. All these perfect cakes, and here I am hobby baker whose fondant is usually wrinkled, no sharp edges and ‘elephant skin" everywhere. I was so intimidated i wasn’t going to join, what would I have to say to all those professionals out there cxreating these works of art.
But it got the better of me because I love baking, i’m not perfect (far from it) but places like this help us newbies learn and i feel privledged to be here.
So heres to caking and learning from all you wonderful artists.


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Michal Bulla ...

Hi, don’t worry at all. I’ve checked your cakes and they are not so bad as you wrote :) I believe you’ll find lot of inspiration here ;)

Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

Hi Edencakes! Welcome! I look forward to seeing more of your cakes. You have great piping skills (something I’m not very good at). I love the rose cake, and your cupcake arrangement. I am a fairly new hobby baker myself (only been doing it a little over a year). You can learn so much from all the wonderful bakers you will meet here!

marlyn rivera ...

Hello Edencakes! I’m newbie here, and i feel intimidated too! Almost all of the cakes here are perfectly done! Seems that everybody here (including u) have entered pastry school…(which im planning to do) I love baking and making cakes, and i’m so inspired and amazed with the cakes that i’m seeing (especially the rose u made) each time i open this site. This help me find new ideas for my next projects. Thanks cakesdecor!

Chantal O'Brien ...

Hi, I feel the same as you. I have been baking and decorating cakes for family and friends for a number of years but have recently gone into business within the last month. My cakes are far from perfect but I am learning all the time and with practice we can both be as good as many of these marvellous cakers here :-) x