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I’m from the Netherlands. So my English is not that good LOL.

I’m a 30 yo SAHM. I’m decorating cakes since 2011. I haven’t taken any classes. You can find a lot on the internet these times ;)

I also have an foundation: The Heart Of A Cake Foundation. It’s a little bit as the Icing Smiles. But everybody can ask my help. They don’t need to be Ill etc. If a child or family deserves a beautiful cake because of something that happened in their lives or they just don’t have the money to buy such a pricy cake.
Just trying to help people. Like my facebook page and support me:

I will post more pics etc. in the following days.

If you would like to see something, a tutorial etc. just let me know.

I love to make friends and to learn from each other.

Kind regards
Emine Pazan

My website: www.theartofacake.nl

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Michal Bulla ...

Hi Emine, it’s very nice what you are doing for people who can’t buy a cake. I wish there are more people like you, not only in cake decorating community. Good luck!

Emine Pazan ...

Thank you so much Michal. I think that every child needs the perfect cake for their birthday. That’s what keeps me going.