Make FAST Alphabet Blocks

Hi all !!!

Here is a quick little tutorial on an easy and fast way to make Alphabet ( or any other type) of blocks. It’s fast and you don’t have to worry about things drying and you save on fondant. Be sure to use shortening for glue and NOT vodka. As any water or vodka dissolves the sugar cubes completely.

The font is so hard to see because I put this together on my iphone. So here are the instructions in case you can’t read it.

1. Buy some sugar cubes in the sugar isle at the grocery store.
2. Grab one.
3. Grab a CAKE USE ONLY rubber stamp of choice. And roll out your fondant.
4. Stamp the fondant and cut straight lines around it.
5. Apply Crisco to one side at a time.
6. Apply fondant over that side.
7. Using small scissors cut around the edges.
8. Repeat for all 4 sides.
9. Add top and bottom.
10. Use stitching tool to add stitches right on top of your edges.

You can do this for any size cube you need. Just keep combining the cubes using crisco. :)

Hope this helps.

Blessings :)

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CakesbySasi ...

Cool idea to use the sugar cubes. Thank you for your tutorial

Ciccio ...

so clever I wish I had thought of this last week thanks for sharing

Xclusive ...

You are a genius, what a brillant idea, thanks for sharing!

Barbara Casula ...

good idea!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole - Just For The Cake Of It ...

Very resourceful! Thank you for sharing such a great idea! :)

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

Great idea!!! Thank you for sharing!! xxx

Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

Thank you so much for sharing this brilliant idea. Love that you can also combine them to make bigger blocks!

Verusca Walker ...

Super cool idea. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu xxxx

Fernanda Abarca ...

Thanks all.. glad it helps :)

Crystal Davis ...

What a great idea!! Thank you!

delightfullysweet ...

fantastic idea.