50 000 cakes!! Next Milestone is 10 000 Members. When? Take a guess and win!

What a milestone, thank you all ;)

Next milestone is 10 000 Members. When? Take a guess and win!


  • Post a comment to this thread with your guess, when we will reach the 10 000 members on CakesDecor
  • Use this format: month/day/year
  • Each member can post only one guess
  • Member of the guess which will be the closest to the day, when we’ll reach the 50 000 cakes, wins!
  • If there are two or more exactly the same guesses, the one which is posted sooner, wins!

You can win our T-shirt

Have fun!

-- Michal, http://cakesdecor.com | My Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/michal.bulla


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Cake Temptations (Julie Talbott) ...

11/23/13 :) x

Peggy Does Cake ...

Congratulations, Michal! You’ve done such a good thing here – and you did a GREAT job doing it! We appreciate you!

My guess for 10,000 members: 6/17/13

BolosdoNossoImaginário ...

I agree with Peggy in every word she said! Ecellent work! Congratulations :)
My guess is 06/08/2013 :)

Michelle ...

I’m going to guess 5-25-13

Tea Party Cakes ...

Congratulation on the site being so successfull Michal! My guess is 6/23/13

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

THank you Michal!!! Congratulations for creating this amazing site!!! We really appreciated!!! xxx
My guess for the 10.000 members is the first of June of 2013 (06/01/2013) if not sooner…

Calli Creations ...

What a great way to celebrate your fast growing and oh-so-popular website Michal …. The T-Shirt is a wonderful prize to win!!
My guess is 7 June 2013… 06/07/13
There has been a big spike in your website growth so would not be surprised if it comes soon :)
take care, Calli :)

BellaCakes & Confections ...

Congratulations!!! My guess would be Sep 7th 2013 09/07/2013. Just a number that came to mind, but, Im sure you will get them much sooner! :-)

Sonia Parente ...

08/14/2013 Congratulations on all Michal! :D

Carole Wynne ...

21st July 2012. Congratulations on your success so far – a great site :) x

Fernanda Abarca ...

3/15/13 .. woohoo… Congratulations.. Love this site :)

Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

Congratulations Michal on the milestone! I LOVE Cakes Decor! My guess is June 22, 2013 (6/22/13). It’s my grandson’s birthday, so maybe it will be a lucky!

Kalida ...

Hoooraaayyyyyy Congratulations Michal!! I love this site <3 My guess …Aug 5th 2013

Bonnie151 ...

I’m so glad I found this site- the cakes here are just mind blowing!

I"ll go for 5 July 2013

Michal Bulla ...

Thank you all, you are so kind ;)