Shrek Lettering - How to make

How to make the Lettering in my Donkey Cake

1. Make a suitable green coloured gumpaste, I used white with a small amount of satin Ice Green & Yellow added to it
2. Using any letter cutter, cut out your letter, smooth edges
3. roll a small pea of smae colour into a cone shape and using an umbrella tool poke into cone
4. make sure the cavity is wide & fairly deep

5. roll between your fingers just below the cavity to thin slightly
6. cut bottom at an angle so when 2 put together to form a v shape
7. press the v part flat
8. using edible glue attach behind the top of letter, On this letter I have shown you what it looks like with a double on it , or you can put a single on it like in my Donkey Cake

allow to dry fully

Jo, NZ,


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whitecrafty ...

Thank you so much Jo for making us a tutorial on how you did the lettering! Looks so cute, and adds so much to a Shrek cake!

Jason Robinson ...

This is really cool, thanks heaps

Ciccio ...

Thanks Toni & Kiwicake Bloke :-)

miettes ...

Thank you Jo, this is so neat!!

Ciccio ...

Thanks Dina :-)

Lyudmila Ivanova ...

Great idea…

Ciccio ...

Thanks Lyudmila :-)

The Cake Tin ...

Thank you Jo, awesome tips as ever :)

Ciccio ...

Thanks Sarah ;-)