The Pink Cake Box Tutorials #1: Heart Baked Cucpakes

This is how we made our very popular Valentine’s Heart Baked Cupcakes ~

First off bake a thin red sponge – this needs to be about 2cm thick but be careful not to overbake it as you will be baking it again in the centre of the cupcake

Then cut out hearts from the red sponge with a heart cutter that fits comfortably into your cupcake cases, mine was about 3cm at it’s widest point

Then mark the side of the case where you will align your heart with so you know where to cut

Pop the heart in the cupcake, I attach it to the centre of the case with a little sponge mixture to hold it in place

Fill the cupcake cases with sponge mixture and bake

Decorate and ENJOY :) xx

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Rose at The Pink Cake Box

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Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

What a great tutorial!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

Rose ...

You’re welcome :) happy baking

miettes ...

Rose, this is wonderful, thank you!!! Loved this cupcake since I first saw it on FB before cakesdecor even :-)))

Emmy ...

Nice. Thanks for the tutorial

Ali Davis ...

Makes so much sense to mark the liner! I was planning on doing this for our Valentine’s retail day but I didn’t because I wasn’t sure if the customers would remember which way to eat it. Thanks so much!

Ciccio ...

very cute thank you for posting :-)

Rose ...

You’re all welcome, on my orders I did little hearts to mark where to cut them :) x