Today I’m going to put together the Sponge Fingers and Mascarpone Cheese from the last two tutorials to make a 25cm Tiramisu Cake. Tiramisu comes from the Italian tiramisù meaning “pick me up”. This tasty cake will be large enough to serve 10 – 12 people. In this video I’ll show you quite a practical method for putting together soft textured cakes that I hope you will find useful for other cakes too. Please enjoy this free Yeners Cakes Tips video.

Tutorial at Yeners Way

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Clara ...

I’m from Italy and love Tiramisù dessert!
Thank you for sharing your version, chef Serdar.
I’ll give it a try! :)

Felis Toporascu ...

Thanks for sharing

Konstantina - K & D's Sweet Creations ...

Thank you for sharing it with us!!

claudiamarcel ...

Love your tutorials! Thank you so much for sharing!

Elli Warren ...

Looks delicious! Thank you! :-) x