New beginnings #22: The man from Natwest he say YES!

Oh Lordy oh Lordy lord the gods and goddesses are working in my favour
After a stressful weekend of worrying about seeing my bank manager I can now confirm he said yes to everything :-) He thought my ideas and plans were fab and I even got a cake booking out of him, lets just say I have him the biggest cuddle and told him the cake was on me :-)
Planning can commence I can totally put all my wheels in motion I know it’s not going to speed the process up but it’s going to make it a hell of a lot easier :-)
Ill share more with you soon right now I need to come down off cloud 9 :-)

Now I can truly say “Let the cakey adventure begin”

Let the cakey adventure begin :-)

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Michal Bulla ...

Oh, you are definitely on a good way … looking forward to hear the news. Keep us updated ;)