New beginnings #21: Organise Sunday

Well today is organise Sunday. (That’s after the food shopping)
My other half is sorting my kitchen ready for inspecting and I must crack on with my health and hygiene course.
I had seen alot of posts regarding whether or not you needed a hygenie certificate for a small cake business from home, so I got in touch with my council and they said yes they advise it.
I had also read about various online courses but not all are recognised as a proper certificate so again I got in touch with my council and posted a few links for course.
As you would expect there reply was

“We don’t endorse any specific course providers I’m afraid. However, if you wish to take any food hygiene course it is always advisable to choose one that uses either the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) or Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) Syllabi and is registered with either of these professional bodies”

So with that on board I started googling
I decided to go with CIEH they have a website and very reasonable prices.

So that’s my day today oh and reading the free information book from the council :-)

And it got to 10pm and I finally completed level 1 the picture is of my certificate the real one comes through the post I’m already straight onto level 2 now I can highly recommend it to everyone :-)
You may be saying I don’t need it! Well the way I see it I have learned things I didn’t know today and putting that into good practice in my kitchen will really make a difference.
I’m trying to do everything by the book I don’t want any come back on me I can arrange everything but taking paid order until the council have inspected its a waiting game with them but keeps me on my toes :-)

Let the cakey adventure begin :-)

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Liz, Ladybird Cake Company ...

Hi Kirstie, depending on whereabouts you are, your council may take a very very long time to arrange an inspection. As long as you have registered as an approved premises and waited the required 28 days notice, you can start taking orders from then. I know of some people whose councils have taken up to 2 years to inspect them as home cake making is low risk so it depends on how busy the council are, basically. I registered for November last year and still haven’t had an appointment for an inspection.