I used sugarveil for the first time last weekend. I found it quite easy to do.

Fix mix as per the instructions. I left this to sit for about 1/2 hour and then i was eager to use it.

Lay your mat on a flat board as it will be easier to move to leave it somewhere to dry.

When you are ready give the sugarveil a bit of a stir as it goes sort of “marshmallowy” once its been sitting.

Scoop a bit out onto your mat using a spatula, then using the spatula (i found this easier than the big sugarveil scraper) move the sugarviel around making sure you are filling the mat going in all directions, use the flat edge of the spatula to scrap over the mat in little sections then you can see if you have any gaps, scrape off any excess.
Once you are happy with it, take the big sugarveil scraper and carefully (not too firmly) put it back over the mat.

Leave the sugarveil to dry – it can take a good couple of hours.

Once it is not sticky, with a damp cloth very carefully rub over the sugarveil as this removes any little excesses still left, leave this to dry for about an hour and then you are ready to remove it.

Get a piece of greaseproof paper and then turn the mat over, very gently release the first edge of the mat until you have about 1 – 2 cm, then you can use the big scraper to hold the edges down whilst gently pulling the mat back.

I use greaseproof top and bottom to store my sugarveil between in a sealable plastic bag, keeping it flat..

I found it was very easy to colour with gel colour paste and have so far made white, red, black and pink!

Sally, wiltshire,


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Michal Bulla ...

Thanks for posting ;)

whitecrafty ...

They are beautiful! Thanks so much for the tutorial!!

Wanda ...

Thank you for the tutorial :)

Phyllis Lindley ...

Thank you for the tutorial, it is beautiful! I am new to cake decorating and am not familiar with sugarveil. What is is made from and where do you get the mats?

Bootiful Cakes and Cupcakes ...

Hi its a special type of icing mix you buy in sachets I think is the website :)

Jacqui ...

I’ve had the mat and sugar viel for almost a month ..thank you now I’m not so hesitant …newbie here