New beginnings #20: Last minute

Well today is going to be a mad panic!
It’s my dads birthday in Sunday and i was going to see him on Sunday with his birthday cake I’m making, but parents been parents haha and he’s turning up at mine today! tea time!
Lets just say I’ve got a bottle cake to make from scratch including sugar glass, edible label the works :-( so wish me luck I think I may need it!
It’s 6am UK time I’m about to start baking

It’s now 9:30am cakes cooling its a long loaf tin 30 cm , letters cut, i love this set and the fererro roche box is fab to store them in,I’ve drawn a bottle template ready to attempt to carve the cake, image printed x2 just incase, buttercream made ready for crumb coating and filling, finger template made and leaving as long as possible to go hard " my dad is famous for asking for a 2 finger measure of whiskey in a glass just incase you were wondering" the clock is ticking :-/ and nothing’s going fast!

Yeah the mould worked just need to trim later :-) and yes they are actually my dads fingers made using silicone plastic

11:30am and I can gladly say my first ever carved cake is in the fridge crumb coated and chilling I carnt believe it so far so good everything going right or have I spoke too soon.
In the picture you will see another favourite tools of mine the wilton leveller cuts perfect and level every time.

3:30 time up and a very happy dad.
Please see more photos in my cakes :-)

Let the cakey adventure begin :-)

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