Rainbow Brite keeps me up another night!

Well, what can I say?! I uploaded my Rainbow Brite cake to my facebook page and in the past 4 hours has received 140 likes, 18 shares and tonnes of lovely comments! I’m on cloud 9! I am so tired it’s untrue, but just too giddy to sleep. I have done late nights (2:30am Weds night/thurs morn and 3:30am last night/this morn!) and now it looks like I’m wide away and ready to bake another cake!

The last two cakes, I’ve pretty much had free reign on. I love these kinds of cakes – stressful because the design’s all in my head and I’m not sure it’ll ill off, but so much more rewarding than re-creating something and trying to put your own spin on it!

I need to get to bed, it’s almost 2am and these letters are looking so blurrrrry :D xx

Carrie from https://www.facebook.com/sugarmummycupcakes


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