Marshmallow Fondant

So, today I finally got to play at making some Marshmallow Fondant, I used 8oz Mini Marshmallows, 1lb Icing Sugar, 2 Tblespoon water.

Added the water to the marshmallows and microwaved for 1 minute on high, whilst they were melting I smoothered a wooden spoon in Trex, once out of the microwave mixed till nice and smooth, then started to mix in the icing sugar (which was hard going towards the end) once I had encorporated most of the icing sugar, i turned it out onto a well covered board with icing sugar and started kneading, you will need plenty! once the mix had almost stopped being sticky, I rubbed some Trex into my hands and covered the board with cornflour and then kneaded this until smooth, I have now wrapped it in clingfilm ready to use later!

Very easy to do although a little time consuming – tastes good tho :) this made just over 800 g in weight

Sally, wiltshire,


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Callicious Cakes ...

oh thank you… I am going to try that… let us know how it rollls out for covering later :)

sugarcraft ...

I have used this method before, but it was a little too sticky for my liking Tx

Bootiful Cakes and Cupcakes ...

Thats why i used a little cornflour at the end helped take a bit of the stickiness away :-)

Melissa ...

I love this method. The fondant comes out really well and tastes great. This has been the only recipe I’ve used the past 3 years.