Making LEGO Egyptian Queen

I’m sharing my experience making the Lego Egyptian Queen from little people BIG IDEAS – An Edible Art Collaboration – giving you an insight of the internal structure to the details on the cake. I hope you find it useful for your own creation in the future!

Jump on this link and spend some time with me!

Tags: lego sculpted cake internal structure edible art paint

Vincent Goh


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Sweet Dreams by Heba ...

Vincent, I loved watching this video so much and your cake looked delicious. :)

The Garden Baker ...

What a wonderful video! Your piece is marvelous. Thank you so much for sharing :)

SugarMagicCakes (Christine) ...

Thanks for sharing, learnt a lot! Great cake!!!

Elli Warren ...

Looks fabulous!! Thank you for sharing! :-) x

Kelly Stevens ...

Thanks for sharing ☺