Realistic Gunni Eucalyptus - NO CUTTERS Gumpaste Tutorial

After debating for a while which type of Eucalyptus I would attempt to recreate next in sugar (having created realistic Seeded Eucalyptus previously), I chose the Gunni variety. I was very fortunate enough to have come across actual Gunni Eucalyptus during the process – hopefully which lead to an increased realistic element to this creation. You will need NO CUTTERS.

I used actual Gunni Eucalyptus leaves to create the leaf templates for this tutorial – link here: .

I also dusted it in two stages in order to create the subtle variegations in shade that each petal has.

I added finishing touches such as painting the edges of the leaves as well as adding the characteristic “wax” that the Gunni eucalyptus has.

Thank you for watching, and may you enjoy the content.

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Griselda de Pedro ...

Muchas gracias por El tutoríal 💕💕

Olivera Vlah ...


The Confectionery Gallery ...

Many thanks Griselda and Olivera :-).