Spring Cake Tutorial

I made this cake for my birthday and just thought of filming as I went along. I hope the link works if not just leave me a comment below and I’ll take a look.
The whole idea was actually an inspiration from the beautiful Cherry Blossoms down at Greenwich Park in London. If you guys haven’t been there make sure you go but it’ll have to be next year as the Cherry Blossom season is already over. I’ve also posted a picture in the video of what the place actually looks like when they’re in full bloom.

Any questions I’ll be happy to answer.

Maria x

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Sandra Smiley ...

I must say, Maria, this is absolutely brilliant! A gorgeous cake and such a clever idea! Congratulations and happy birthday!

My Sweet World_Elena ...

Truly beautiful work! Happy Birthday!!

Penny Sue ...

Fabulous thank you, Happy Birthday, you share this day with me!
Sadly no cake for me

Clara ...

Simply gorgeous, Maria 😍😍😍
Thank you for sharing and Happy birthday 🍰🎂🍾

Maria's ...

Thank you for the wishes. And thank you for looking! 😊😊😊