How To Make A Fondant Figure Body: Cute Girl Making Heart Hand Gesture

The type of simple structure used in this standing topper tutorial can be used to make other standing toppers as well and the techniques used to make the fondant hands making the heart hand gesture can also be used to create additional hand poses/gestures. The body and clothing remains simple as I wanted the focus to be on the heart hand gesture and the cute fondant face from my previous tutorial. I made the topper as a Valentine’s Day creation but it can of course be used and modifications made as desired.

Thank you for watching.

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MsGF ...

Very cute! Thanks for sharing!

Monikine torty ( Cakes by Monika) ...

Thank you so much

Elli Warren ...

She’s so cute! Thank you! :-) x

The Confectionery Gallery ...

Thanks MsGF, Cakes by Monika, and Elli! :-)