How to make a Trompe-l'œil effect.

For my contribution to Children’s classic books collaboration,
I thought to realize a Trompe-l’œil effect for the inside of the house.

I halved a round shape dummy.
I carved one of the two halves, keeping 2-3 cm for the wall.

Using a cutter, I shaped the window and I rounded it up.
I rolled out some brown fondant, same sizes of the floor of the house, and I gave it a wood texture.
I layed it onto the cakeboard I was using as the base of the whole cake.
I cut out some brown fondant and pasted it onto the wall, to give a kind of depth to the wall.
Then I pasted the two halves, with some glue and toothpicks.

I kept on adding details to the wall, following the drawing I made before, to be sure to have a Trompe-l’œil effect. They were 2D, but they looked like they were 3D .

I added a picture of a mountain, painting a little piece of wafer paper and fondant (for the frames)

I added some decorations onto the floor, too.

Finally I added the mini-lights,anchoring them with some push pins.

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Torte decorate di Stefy by Stefania Sanna ...

Fantastico !!!!

Asya Vencheva ...


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The Garden Baker ...

So ingenious, Clara! I can see this working with real cake with a variety of scenes. Thank you so much for sharing :)

Super Fun Cakes & More (Katherina Perez) ...

Grande Clara! grazie per le idee! sono molto originali.

Sandra Smiley ...

This is even more remarkable seeing it up close! The whole piece is genius, Clara!

CakeHeaven by Marlene ...

Thanks a lot for sharing Clara! Great idea!

Sweet Boutique Ani ...


Cold Porcelain Flowers ...

Good to know. Another adorable cake, btw!

Lallacakes ...

Absolutely amazing!!! Thank you sooo much!!!😍😍😍

Bezana ...

Fantastic! Thank you, Clara :)

Clara ...

I’m glad you appreciate, my sweet friends ❤️

Tarte de Fleurs ...

Lovely, thank you for sharing :)

golosamente by linda ...

fantastic !!

Aurelia's Cake ...

Amazing! thank you Clara for sharing!