New beginnings #15: Review of today

Before I set off into town this morning I moulded some silicone plastic around a marble in the hope that it would give me a clean 1 inch bauble type sphere when it had set.
As you can see from the picture above it worked I just need to get my little ones in bed then I’m going to test it out along with my beer bottle mould.
While wandering round the shops today I popped into save the children and what should I find but a huge pot mixing bowl £2.99 what a bargain and x2 cake decorating books for 50p each :-)
I continued into Peter jones shop that had the same bowl for £35 so I was very happy, even happier when I saw they had a new cakey dept I managed to get things I needed and the prices were cheap too.
I needed the jam/ sugar thermometer for later and metal spatula, I was going to buy a cake leveller off eBay but they had that too and the mini icing bottles and cake middle taker outer lol seemed like a good idea.
On my shopping list I had added the ingredients for making my liquid sugar basically brown sugar, golden syrup and cream of tartar, the first 2 were no problem but the cream of tartar was impossible “what else do people use it for at this time of year?” I ended up getting my son to go round another 5 shops till he found me some haha I was very grateful he told me its my Xmas present
Now I’m just counting down the hours till my kids go to bed so I can practice in the kitchen, I will keep you posted how my first attempt goes :-/

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Let the cakey adventure begin :-)

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