New beginnings #14: Pulled sugar

I spent last night in bed trying to find a recipe for pulled sugar I thought it maybe cheaper to make my own than to buy isomalt sticks at £10.99 per pack of 12 which works out to be 12 tablespoons :-/
I’m wanting to try my bottle mould so you can imagine it would be very expensive to use isomalt.
Anyway I found a recipe seemed simple but where could I buy corn syrup????
Thank The Lord for Internet as I found corn syrups equivalent in the UK is Golden syrup :-) so I’m heading to the shops this morning
I also found a recipe for brown melted sugar simple really " use brown sugar" haha
I really hope this goes to plan and I don’t end up burning myself on it cos that will hurt ALOT!

Quick edit lol just been rummaging around the house for a marble, I wanted to try and make a mould out of my silicone plastic then I will be able to test baubles for next years tree haha
Just got to wait an hour for it to set then I can slice it open and see if its worked:-)

Tags: bottle melted sugar pulled isomalt corn syrup golden syrup

Let the cakey adventure begin :-)

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Scrummy Mummy's Cakes ...

You can buy corn syrup from Ocado now!