How to make carpet texture

Hi there!
Some days ago, I saw a step-by-step on making a velvety effect cake, on the Internet, by Pamela Jane (see here: )
I thoght I could use the same technique to make a carpet effect and a special effect for Christmas balls.
Following the instructions, I had to grind some coloured wafer paper.
So I put all the wafer paper leftovers from my previuos works ( I never throw them away!) into my grinder

I got a kind of grey powder.

I added some tea spoons of cocoa powder to get brown colour

I coated a square styrofoam board with light brown fondant

I brushed the fondant with sugar glue and then I dusted it with the brown powder I got before

I had a beautiful carpet to use as the floor of my cake!

This is one of my favorite Christmas ball.

I thought I could make something similar using the same technique: I made a little ball out off fondant and proceded the same way, as descripted before, with a final touch of gold powder.
Hope you like!

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Super cool! Thanks for sharing!

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