New beginnings #12: Chocolate house pt2

Well I got my little one to sleep and jumped up to start decorating the house and moulding the last one.
The mould was still demo do I popped it in the oven for 10 minutes.
Earlier I tried melting the chocolate and filling a piping bag, it worked fine filling the small areas such as people but seemed a waste of time for the large panels. I was back to the trusted plastic jug pouring, shaking and tapping till it was level in the mould.
It’s was setting in the fridge do I decided to make a start on the other doors Xmas trees candy canes and gingerbread men all went to plan with melted white chocolate and lots of sprinkles :-)
Next was the assembly I was dreading this first time I did one I used frosting and the roof just kept slipping off so the plan was to use melted chocolate.
I couldn’t believe how fast it set near enough straight away :-) I filled the gaps and carried on with 2 and 3.
I now had them all assembled in cake boards in a row.
First the roof I covered the join in melted chocolate then covered with white sugar glitter, next were rows of white chocolate buttons with hundreds and thousands on secured again with a blob of chocolate, it was looking nice.
I had to re melt some white chocolate to edge the window frames this went a bit wobbly, note to set do them when it’s laid flat next time :-/
Along the front edge if the roof I added mini smarties in alternate colours it looked pretty I also found a cocktail stick was fab for adding melted chocolate to small areas and then add the smarties.
All that was left to do was add the doors, Xmas trees, candy canes and gingerbread men this again went to plan
With a hand from my son he held the giant cello bags open while I played each house inside and tied them shut.
Job done not professional but neither and i, i did have fun though and hope they like them :-)
10:30pm finally done and dusted!

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Let the cakey adventure begin :-)

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