Rolled Buttercream #1: Rolled Buttercream

1 cup shortning
1 cup light corn syrup
1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp vanilla or other flavor
2 lbs powder sugar

mix corn syrup and shortning
add salt and flavoring to the mix
start adding powder sugar
mix until looks like dough
that is not sticky

found this on-line.

sounds good going to try and take pics.

let me know if anyone else tries this.

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nonniecakes ...

I use rolled buttercream as much as I can. One thing that is a must. Highratio shorting. If you try to use regular shortening it is too greasy and hard to work with. This icing can and does tear but is easily blended back. Also not much good for anything but covering the cake. Taste better than fondant. I like to add a bit of almond extract to vanilla! This cake is rolled buttercream.!

Carol Kervina ...

i have been looking for high ratio shortening, any ideas where i can get it?

Phyllis Lindley ...

The Winbeckler’s recommend Sweetex brand. Their website is and I think they sell it there, I know they have lots of other ingredients.
On their recipe for regular buttercream they said you can use Crisco if you can’t find the high ratio, but they said Sweetex is better.