Battlefield computer cookie cake #1: Today my day went better :-)

After yesterday I carried on lol I have to say I felt a lot better after a nights sleep
Today was fresh and I was ready to start again.
The task at hand is a computer cookie cake for my husband ( he doesn’t eat cake :-()
In the CBT (cake bake time ) I had spare today I made the cookie dough chilled it in the fridge and started to roll it out.
The longer I worked with it the softer and stickier it became so it went back in the fridge.
I decided to roll it onto the grease proof paper and shape it there, it worked so into the oven it went.
Now when I made my elf biscuits they took 12 mins in the oven and were nice a golden brown.
This took the biscuit so to speak haha 35 mins later it was brown and ready :-)
It came out perfect I couldn’t believe it even the ridge imprints had stayed there and it hadn’t spread at all.
Once it had cooled I melted 1/2 a Terry’s chocolate orange and put it in a piping bag ready to fill the imprinted ridge border, again it went well.
I had already printed off an edible picture of battlefield 3 I just needed to trim it and remove from backing paper. Again this went perfect I couldn’t believe how well my plan was going.
A quick dab of icing and it centred nicely along with a rolo for an on button :-)
I’m dying to upload a picture I have already taken one but want to put them all on together when it’s complete so watch for tomorrow’s keyboard :-) I’m now even thinking of a mouse and headset :-/
Yes I hear you “little steps! Don’t run before I can walk”
Just been jumping up and down as well my cricut cake machine and cartridges just arrived I’m going to get snug in bed and read the instruction book lol x

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Let the cakey adventure begin :-)

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