New beginnings #10: Comp failure :-(

Right before I start close your eyes and imagin a 3 tiered Xmas tree with a stump covered in pretty lights red tasseled sugarveil for tinsel and isomalt baubles :-) that’s what my mess was suppose to look like.
As you can tell it didn’t go to plan I know it’s my own fault in not practicing before the day I need it completing but another lesson learned at my expense and I’m gutted.
The tree went ok top is plain Madeira the 2nd chocolate Madeira 3 lemon and trunk chocolate Madeira all cover in white icing and airbrushed green.
The tinsel was suppose to be frayed at the edges and then twisted I think my sugar veil was too old as it was brittle so I ended up just cuttin scallops the best I could.
I didn’t even attempt to cover the lights with sugarveil cups as planned I’d already lost half my hair.
Next came the baubles and time was running out I had kids to feeds adult tea to cook and cleaning to fit in as well.
I had practiced making isomalt baubles and I have to say they were good but to put them on a cake looking like this already would be wrong so I just did blob baubles.
Now was ok am still going to enter the competition at prettywittycakes they might take pitty and see I need all the help I can get this year a prize is free yrs subscription for online tutorial

I have vowed I will make his cake again I will get it as perfect as it is in my head and I’m going to practie each individual item till I do so!
Sorry to rant and put such a mess on but that’s been my day :-( a very disappointed me x

Tags: wrong mess xmas cake baubles sugarveil isomalt airbrush lights

Let the cakey adventure begin :-)

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Fifi's Cakes ...

aaaw bless you for airing this grievance!! well, every single one of us has dis-aaaaas-ters and we live and learn from our mistakes, it’s the only way! There is a very cute element to this cake though and a great fun atmosphere to it which mustn’t be knocked! With the lights on it will have looked so pretty and unusual!

I think your ideas and plans for it were brilliant! Very pleased that you haven’t given up and will do it again – in STYLE baby!! :0) I look forward to seeing Take Two!

Happy Cake Day. We can all giggle because we’ve all been there! On my FB page there is an album called ‘Once Upon A Time’. Probably my worst disaster to date but I had to see the funny side in the end after all the tumultuous bawling!

Hope your hair has grown back lol!!